Access to well characterized quality specimens is one of the persistent challenges facing researchers and developers of vaccines, diagnostics, and therapeutics for newly emerging pathogens. The COVID 19 pandemic has recently highlighted the need for stakeholders to address challenges together in a global participatory forum.

This knowledge hub is being established to create a forum for sharing and gathering information about a proposed virtual biorepository (VBR) resource for equitable and efficient access to pathogens and clinical specimens. We want to focus especially on current barriers to access, sustainability and benefits of participating in the VBR.

We are inviting the stakeholder community to actively engage in discussion topics on this knowledge hub. In addition to contributions from experts and links to resources, working groups may be established to explore in depth topics of special interest.


Opportunities to get involved

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Virtual Biorepository Benefits Survey

A sustainable virtual biorepository (VBR) should provide benefits and incentives to specimen contributors and partners for continued participation in the VBR. We would like to hear from you, what key functions and resources the VBR should provide to be of value to you or the laboratory, biorepository, institution, or country you represent. Please fill out the brief nine question survey below, it should take under 15 minutes to complete.

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