What is the 10X10?

The 10X10 Virtual Biorepository System (VBS) is a group of globally representative partners who are willing to set aside 10 serum or plasma samples of at least 10 mL (10X10) from healthy human controls. The goal of the 10X10 is to work together to build a VBS that works for all members, maintains local ownership of samples, and deveops a durable operational infrastructure as a proof of concept of a new way forward. 

The first activity of the 10X10 is to set aside 10 well archived samples of at least 10 ml plasma/serum (hence the 10X10) from healthy humans. We aim to use these 10 samples to demonstrate the ability to coordinate their evaluation and validation by PCR and serology techniques, maintain their integrity at your site and sharing an aliquot with other VBS members. These samples are meant for use in diagnostics, research and as reference materials.

How were partner sites selected?

We looked for partners who are engaged in specimen biobanking, interested in fair and equitable sharing of materials through defining a governance model, identifying benefits for partners and developing a durable sustainable operations model. Priority was given to ensure a wide geographic spread of partner institutions. Partners were also required to meet the following five criteria:

  1. Accessibility: the ability to share and ship samples across national and international borders
  2. Storage equipment: adequate cold storage facility to accommodate the 10 samples from -20C to -70C
  3. Ethics: participated in institutional review of human subject research on sample sharing
  4. Site characteristics: represent a clinical, academic, research or commercial diagnostic entity
  5. Commitment: able to commit to an initial availability of 2 years to this project

Harmonizing Terminology

The 10X10 launched in December 2023 with a full day workshop. The purpose of this introductory discussion was to initiate conversation among the 10X10 members and create a collaborative community. The 10X10 members represent a variety of different biorepository types from national reference labs to small clinical laboratories. Sharing experiences and information and encouraging collaborations can benefit all members. Topics discussed included:

  • Differences in Terminology
  • Retention and storage capacity
  • Ethics and leagal requirements
  • Standardized guidelines and protocols
  • Data management and sharing
  • Cross-collaboration opportunities

The 10X10 launch also established three working groups that will define the work of the VBS. The Governance and Best Practices working group will define the standards and day to day operations of the 10X10 VBS. The Benefits working group will define concrete benefits that the 10X10 can provide to its members. The Sustainable Operations: Laboratory Capacity working group will evaluate the laboratory capacity of the partner sites and work to build capacity as needed so all sites can preform a common suite of laboratory tests for characterizing specimens. The 10X10 is funded as Work Package 4 of the Cohort Network to be Activated Globally In Outbreaks (CONTAGIO) project. CONTAGIO is funded by the European Union’s Horizon programme HLTH 2023-DISEASE-03-05- under Grant Agreement N. 101137283.