Group: Global Biorepository


A set of associated demographic, clinical and quality related information is critical for specimens to be of value for any application. Access to specimen related ...


10th Anniversary of the Carlos Slim Awards Ceremony in Health 2017

The Carlos Slim Foundation Awards were created aiming to recognize individuals and institutions committed to health improvement of the Latin-American population. Two members of the INTERGROWTH-21st Consortium, Professors Jose Villar and Cesar Victora, are recipients of the prestigious, individual Carlos ... Read more

€10,000 prize: help us to break dengue

Open competition for projects that maximize public health impact

The Break Dengue Community Action Prize offers €10,000 for projects that maximise the impact of public health interventions by integrating the new vaccine into the anti-dengue arsenal. Dengue causes nearly 400 million infections annually, impacting half of the world’s population. ... Read more